HVT® 2.0 Disposable Accessories

Proven Therapy Starts with a User-Friendly Disposable

Ready to go from the get-go. Unpack and use without any assembly.

  • Device set-up within 5 minutes
  • Audible and tactile feedback upon insertion
  • On screen notification guides you through

Your Patients Should Get the Temperature You Set

Our unique Medical Grade Vapor™ lets you control heat and humidification to ensure your patient receives comfortable and effective therapy that can be precisely dialed in.

Most respiratory devices use pass-over humidification where breathing gas passes over highly heated water. Devices using this method use higher than set temperatures in both the creation and maintenance of humidification. We believe your patients deserve greater precision, so our Disposable Patient Circuits use vapor transfer cartridges instead.

In the cartridge, blended gas passes through the lumens of hundreds of parallel hollow fibers made of a specially developed polymer. Warm water circulates around the fibers and diffuses as vapor through the fiber material into the gas stream flowing through each fiber. Unlike most humidifiers, there is no direct contact between the water and gas streams. The gas stream leaves the cartridge saturated with vapor at the set temperature.

Simply Delivered All the Way to the Patient

Once you set the therapy parameters our water-jacket delivery tube maintains the heat and humidity all the way to the ProSoft® Cannula patient interface, helping your patient receive the therapy they need.

The warmed humidified gas passes through the center lumen of a water-jacket heated delivery tube. The center lumen is surrounded by outer lumens circulating warmed water to keep the gas energetically stable and minimize rain-out.

Available for Pediatric and Adult Patients



Flow Rate: 5-45 L/min

Cleared For 30-day

.Continuous Single Patient Use
Forget the hassle and costs of changing circuits every 7-14 days.

Easily Connects to our ProSoft Interfaces